Play House double bunk bed

R7,800.00R9,000.00 (-13%)


R7,800.00R9,000.00 (-13%)



Play House double bunk bed

Discover the perfect blend of comfort and creativity with our Pine Wood Double Bunk Beds, specially designed for children and adults. Crafted with precision and a touch of whimsy, these beds provide a delightful space to relax and have endless adventures. By day, the play house double bunk beds transform into charming cottages for imaginative play, and by night, they offer a cozy haven for a restful sleep.

The price includes a sturdy frame and legs, exactly as pictured. Our commitment to quality shines through in the use of carefully selected high-quality pine wood. The bed’s height stands at approximately 240 cm, with customization options available for varying models and preferences. The entire structure undergoes meticulous painting to ensure a smooth surface, free from any possibility of splinters.

The given dimensions represent the size of the mattress, with the beds themselves slightly wider for added space (+4-8 cm). We take pride in offering a vibrant color palette for our paint options, all of which come with certifications for children’s safety. Choose from an array of hues to complement your child’s personality and room decor.

Upon purchase, the customization options abound:

  • Opt for horizontal or vertical barriers (applicable if railings are chosen).

For those with unique preferences or specific requirements, the flexibility continues. Contact us for tailored adjustments, whether it’s a different size or other personalised changes. We accommodate variations in the height and width of the house to meet your specific needs.

But that’s not all – our commitment to customisation extends even further. If you have a particular design, drawing, or photo in mind, we offer the option to create bespoke beds at competitive prices. Let your imagination soar as we bring your vision to life.

Transform your children’s bedroom into a haven of joy and creativity with our Pine Wood Double Bunk Beds. Discover the perfect balance of playfulness and functionality, providing your little ones with a space where dreams and adventures come to life. Order now and let the magic of Luxe Pine Furniture elevate your child’s sleep experience to new heights.


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Clear Vanish, Customized Color, Gray, Raw


3/4, Customized size, Single

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