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We try to offer our best designs, in practical beds headboards, couches and bunk beds of the modular type, that save and optimize spaces, best price in the market, with the best quality, for all taste and budget, since we are manufacturers. We have more than 3 years of experience and hundreds of beds delivered, which have provided countless smiles. We have a wide catalogue that you can use to choose a unique design, do the nish that each require, professionally painted with a guarantee. The paints we use are non-toxic to children, does not damage the environment and lead free.

Contact us or visit our showrooms, which shows the excellence of our work. custom make baby and kids furniture, Bunk beds with stairs, cribs, convertible twin cots, nursery sets, convertible cots, kids beds, chest of drawers, chairs, tables, toy boxes, bunks with desks, loft bunk beds, triple bunk beds, double bunk beds and much more, room measuring, designing and set up onsite installations and assembly in nearby cities, up to 200km from our Factories

Made from solid South African pine. We design and build the furniture in such a way that if a service parts are needed, we can provide it. We stand behind our products and we warranty it for 1-5 years! We only deliver in Western Cape for an extra fee and assemble for free.

We offer the following guarantees on our furniture, to ensure that you own only the best quality Luxe Pine furniture.

Guarantee on couches:

– 10 year guarantee on the frame
– 2 year guarantee on the foam / Luxefurniture, stitching and webbing

Warranty on Pine Furniture:

4 years

Warranty on Headboards:

2 years on the headboard

Guarantee on Beds:

– 5 year guarantee on the base

0-5 years on the mattress 

Guarantee on all other furniture (excludes accessories):

– 1 year guarantee on poor workmanship and / or material defects only

We also offer repairs on furniture that is out of guarantee.

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